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China and the Toll of Smoking
NY Times - Fri, Apr 18 2014
The government must warn people of diseases that already cause one million deaths a year.

Cancer Society and Tobacco
NY Times - Thu, Apr 17 2014
The chief executive of the American Cancer Society explains its policy on the sale of tobacco products by pharmacies.

Early Data in E-Cigarette Study May Raise Safety Concerns
NY Times - Wed, Apr 16 2014
The study, still in a preliminary stage, found that lung cells exposed to e-cigarette vapor showed cancerous reactions similar to cells exposed to tobacco smoke.

Morality and the Business of Selling Tobacco
NY Times - Tue, Apr 15 2014
Readers criticize the American Cancer Society and the tobacco industry.

E-Cigarettes Are Targeted at Youths, Report Says
NY Times - Tue, Apr 15 2014
Lawmakers said a survey of electronic cigarette producers found that hundreds of giveaways and sponsorships took place at youth-oriented events.

The Tobacco Ties That Bind
NY Times - Fri, Apr 11 2014
Why doesn’t the cancer society protest all cigarette sales?

E-Cigarettes Can Help Your Portfolio Grow
Topix - Sat, Apr 19 2014
Most of the cigarette and tobacco producing companies have evolved enough to produce e-cigarettes, or risk free products.

Tile plant project goes forward
Topix - Fri, Apr 18 2014
City officials are preparing to move forward with an estimated $1 million road project for a new tile company, but the effort awaits a company commitment before construction can commence.

Bond Refugee Stocks - High Yields And Low Volatility Part I: Philip Morris International
Topix - Fri, Apr 18 2014
Recently Citi Equity Research released an update list of global bond refugee stocks.

Another blow to former Va. governor McDonnell's defense in corruption case
Topix - Fri, Apr 18 2014
Former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell has lost another legal fight in the federal corruption case against him and his wife.

New food plant to open in Nash County
Topix - Fri, Apr 18 2014
A new business called Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients plans to locate in Nash County, specializing in producing high-quality food grade dehydrated and juiced fruit and vegetable products.

Press release distribution, EDGAR filing, XBRL, regulatory filings
Topix - Fri, Apr 18 2014
As of March 31, 2014 ... )--iGetBetter, a supplier of post-acute care transition solutions designed to help reduce hospital readmissions, joins the Massachusetts Hospital A... )--On Wednesday, April 30, 2014, First Data Corporation will release its first quarter 2014 financial results.

Tobacco Companies Make Payments Under Settlement
Topix - Thu, Apr 17 2014
The nation's top cigarette makers say they've made annual payments as part of a settlement in which some companies are paying states billions for smoking-related health care costs.

How Altria Plans to Keep Delivering Returns
Topix - Thu, Apr 17 2014
In the world of tobacco stocks, many investors are concerned that the decline in smoking will result in a similar decrease in profits.

Philip Morris Int'l 1Q Profit Falls Nearly 12 Pct
Topix - Thu, Apr 17 2014
Philip Morris International Inc. said Thursday that its first-quarter profit dropped nearly 12 percent as cigarette sales fell in the overseas markets that it serves and it was hurt by foreign exchange rates for the U.S. dollar.

Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) Reports 2014 First-Quarter...
Topix - Thu, Apr 17 2014
'Our first-quarter results were in line with our expectations, given the known challenges we face in and inventory distortions," said Andr Calantzopoulos, Chief Executive Officer.

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