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‘Vape’ Joins Pot Lingo as Oxford’s Word of the Year
NY Times - Sun, Nov 23 2014
The 2014 Word of the Year is now part of the lexicon of legal marijuana.

Massachusetts Town Votes to End Bid for Tobacco Ban
NY Times - Thu, Nov 20 2014
A week after a public hearing of angry citizens was cut short, the Board of Health in Westminster, Mass., voted to stop pursuing a proposed ban on tobacco.

Firestorm Erupts in Anti-Smoking Massachusetts Town
NY Times - Tue, Nov 18 2014
Residents of Westminster object to becoming the first in the country to ban the sale of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco.

Obesity Is Tied to Pollutants
NY Times - Mon, Nov 17 2014
Exposure to secondhand smoke and roadway traffic may be tied to increased body mass index in children and adolescents, a new study suggests.

Stuff We Liked: Health Care Is a Focus, but Dogs Get a Look, Too
NY Times - Sat, Nov 15 2014
A roundup of interesting sites from around the web suggested by The Upshot staff.

E-Cigarettes Gain Among High School Students, C.D.C. Finds
NY Times - Fri, Nov 14 2014
About 4.5 percent of American high school students used electronic cigarettes in 2013, up from 2.8 percent in 2012, according to a survey.

Gov't should implement Tobacco Tax Policy - VALD
Topix - Fri, Nov 21 2014
The Vision for Alternative Development , a non-governmental organisation, has appealed to President John Dramani Mahama to reject tobacco industry interferences in developing national Tobacco Tax Policy. "The recent proposal from the Ministry of Finance a on 50 per cent Tobacco Tax increment is indeed a call in the right direction as raising the price of cigarettes is the principal measure for discouraging consumption and avoiding the initiation of tobacco use among children and youth.

The CCC DiviDogs 2011 - Year 1
Topix - Fri, Nov 21 2014
Applying Dividend Dog methodology to the CCC lists should provide a list of undervalued, higher-yielding, dividend-growth stocks to add growth and income to your IRA. The 2011 CCC DiviDogs were chosen from the highest-yielding stocks of the December 2010 combined CCC lists, excluding MLPs, foreign, Red Zone and less than quarterly-paying stocks.

Universal Corporation Is Set To Outperform
Topix - Thu, Nov 20 2014
The company has 2 new long-term growth projects that could drive top and bottom line results over the next decade. Universal Corporation is the largest publicly traded supplier of tobacco in the world.

RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co in Tobacco (USA) - New Study Released
Topix - Thu, Nov 20 2014
During 2008, the company shifted the status of its menthol cigarettes brand Kool from a "growth" brand to a "support" brand, thereby reducing the marketing and promotional budget allocated to the brand. This move indicated its increasing... Euromonitor International Local Company Profiles are a concise set of briefings detailing the strategic direction taken by a company.

British American Tobacco announces management shake-up
Topix - Thu, Nov 20 2014
The managing director of British American Tobacco's business that develops e-cigarettes and nicotine inhalation products, Des Naughton, has decided to step down to focus on "new business opportunities", the cigarette maker said on Thursday. Naughton, who ran the Nicoventures business, will leave on 28 February after almost 20 years with the group.

Philip Morris' (PM) CEO Andrew Calantzopoulos on Morgan Stanley...
Topix - Thu, Nov 20 2014
We are very pleased to welcome back Philip Morris International to the conference. And with us we have Andre Calantzopoulos who has been with the Company since 1985 serving as Chief Operator Officer for 5 years following the spinoff and returning to the role of Chief Executive Officer for the business last year.

Philip Morris to launch Marlboro HeatSticks system in Milan
Topix - Wed, Nov 19 2014
Philip Morris International Inc , the world's largest tobacco company, plans to launch its new iQOS smokeless device and Marlboro HeatSticks in Milan, Italy on Thursday following a launch in Nagoya, Japan earlier this month. Speaking at a conference on Wednesday hosted by Morgan Stanley, Philip Morris Chief Executive Andre Calantzopoulos said the Japan launch has gone better than expected.

3 Reasons Altria Group Inc. Stock Could Keep Hitting New Highs
Topix - Tue, Nov 18 2014
Despite all the challenges the tobacco giant has faced, Altria has provided solid returns while avoiding much of the volatility that other industry players have endured. Altria climbed to new highs even as the stock market hiccuped recently , and many investors want to know if the company's good times can continue.

Tracking David Winters' Wintergreen Advisers Portfolio - Q3 2014 Update
Topix - Tue, Nov 18 2014
The major changes this quarter included a ~50% increase in Union Pacific Corporation and a one-third reduction in MasterCard Inc. This article is part of a series that provides an ongoing analysis of the changes made to David Winters' US stock portfolio on a quarterly basis. It is based on Winters' regulatory 13F Form filed on 11/14/2014.

Reynolds American Tobacco Revo
Topix - Tue, Nov 18 2014
Revo, a cigarette from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. that primarily heats rather than burns tobacco, will be available statewide in Wisconsin as of Feb. 2, 2015, Reynolds American Inc. spokesperson Richard Smith told CSP Daily News .

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