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CVS Ends Tobacco Sales
NY Times - Wed, Sep 10 2014
The American Thoracic Society praises the drugstore chain’s decision.

Just 13, and Working Risky 12-Hour Shifts in the Tobacco Fields
NY Times - Sun, Sep 07 2014
Public health experts say hundreds of children under 16 continue to work in America’s tobacco fields, where they are exposed to harmful chemicals like nicotine.

At Mocha Hookah in Brooklyn Heights, Tasting Mint, Orange and Home
NY Times - Sun, Sep 07 2014
Mocha Hookah, a 24-hour hookah bar and cafe on Atlantic Avenue, is probably the only public place to smoke a water pipe in the heart of brownstone Brooklyn.

CVS Stores Stop Selling All Tobacco Products
NY Times - Wed, Sep 03 2014
The company has adopted a new name, CVS Health, and stopped selling tobacco products in an effort to redefine itself as a health care destination for consumers.

The New Look of Smokers' Litter
NY Times - Tue, Sep 02 2014
The cigarettes may change, but for some smokers the habit of littering does not.

World Health Organization Urges Stronger Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes
NY Times - Wed, Aug 27 2014
Governments should ban the use of e-cigarettes indoors and in public places, the organization said.

BAT Share Price Slips RM1.16 On Cigarette Price Cut
Topix - Tue, Sep 23 2014
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23 -- British American Tobacco Bhd's shares slipped 1.64 per cent or RM1.16 at mid-morning after announcing that prices of all its cigarette brands will be revised. The stock, which tops the losers' list on Bursa Malaysia, stood at RM69.44 with 31,800 shares traded as at 11.21 am.

Altria Group Reaches New 52-Week High at $45.37
Topix - Tue, Sep 23 2014
Altria Group shares reached a new 52-week high during trading on Monday , StockRatingsNetwork reports. The company traded as high as $45.37 and last traded at $45.37, with a volume of 3,240,722 shares trading hands.

SABMiller Action Drives Altria To One Year High
Topix - Mon, Sep 22 2014
Great Speculations' contributor page is devoted to investing ideas that will help make you wiser and richer. Most articles will contain actionable advice.

US tobacco growers brace for tougher competition
Topix - Sat, Sep 20 2014
The very last buyout checks, totaling about $916.5 million, go out in October to about 425,000 tobacco farmers and landowners. They're the last holdovers from a price-support and quota system that had guaranteed minimum prices for most of the 20th century, sustaining a way of life that began 400 years ago in Virginia, when the leaf became the chief cash crop of the Jamestown colony.

Wipro Gets Infrastructure Management Agreement with Philip Morris International
Topix - Sat, Sep 20 2014
"The PMI relationship is strategic to and we are excited to embark on this journey. We aim to foster a successful partnership with PMI and deliver the IT innovation that will support their business needs," said supporting our technology and application infrastructure we look forward to strengthening efficiencies, managing costs and being better able to serve and support our workforce around the world."

Altria Group Inc Stock Edges Closer To Profit-Taking Time
Topix - Fri, Sep 19 2014
At that time, they thought a breakout above the previous resistance of $43.70 would occur and that a continued move to the upper edge of the long-term uptrend channel at $46 to $48 would play out. So far, they got their breakout and a part of the expected move higher, and now, technicians say there's no reason to believe Altria shares won't make it up to the forecasted range.

McDonnells file for acquittal, new trial after conviction on corruption charges
Topix - Fri, Sep 19 2014
The clerk of U.S. District Court in Richmond said four motions were filed Thursday because each requested acquittal and a new trial. A federal jury heard several weeks of testimony and convicted them of performing "official acts" to promote former Star Scientific Inc. CEO Jonnie Williams' dietary supplement products in exchange for more than $165,000 in gifts and loans.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco names Debra A. Crew as its president
Topix - Fri, Sep 19 2014
Crew is currently the president and general manager of PepsiCo North America Nutrition. According to a release Friday morning from RJR, "Crew joined PepsiCo in 2010 as president of the Western Europe region of PepsiCo Europe.

Changes in the Boardroom
Topix - Fri, Sep 19 2014
NACD notes the following changes that have recently occurred in the boardroom. This information was compiled and provided to NACD by Spencer Stuart .

John Mellencamp's new tour dates include stops in Norfolk and Richmond
Topix - Fri, Sep 19 2014
John Mellencamp announced a batch of dates for his upcoming tour on Thursday evening, and the itinerary will bring him through Norfolk and Richmond next year. Mellencamp will play at Chrysler Hall in Norfolk on Sunday, March 29. On June 13, he will play at the Altria Theater in Richmond.

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