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Caffeine Inhalers Rush to Serve the Energy Challenged
NY Times - Thu, Jul 23 2015
Makers of caffeine vapor devices seek to attract people looking for an acute rush of energy.

How CVS Quit Smoking and Grew Into a Health Care Giant
NY Times - Sun, Jul 12 2015
The pharmacy retailer that stopped selling cigarettes last year is also expanding its in-store clinics, a business well suited to the quickly evolving health care landscape.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: We Don’t Support Smoking
NY Times - Sat, Jul 11 2015
The Chamber president says The Times has unfairly portrayed its efforts to protect intellectual property rights as fighting antismoking measures.

CVS Health Quits U.S. Chamber Over Stance on Smoking
NY Times - Wed, Jul 08 2015
The move comes after revelations that the chamber and its foreign affiliates were undertaking a global lobbying campaign against antismoking laws.

Readers’ Turn: Let’s Regulate Junk Food
NY Times - Wed, Jul 08 2015
Paying people to improve their health usually works, but commenters suggested that the best approach was to stop problems earlier.

Paying People to Be Healthy Usually Works, if the Public Can Stomach It
NY Times - Tue, Jul 07 2015
The idea seems to reward people for adopting poor health habits in the first place, but society stands to benefit.

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